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Where there is agreeable food, there are vitality and power. Rooted in Shandong, a province renowned for its agriculture, we never stop our pursuit of health and tasty food. By using modern technology and innovative means, we give new flavor to ancient foodstuffs such as garlic, ginger and chili, thus making them appear on the dining tables all over the world. These foodstuffs bring health and energy to people while refreshing their taste buds.

Established in 1996, Yipin Agriculture Group is a large integrated agricultural, modern enterprise group. Its main products include fresh-keeping, dehydrated and pickled ginger, garlic, chili, and onion series products, paste seasonings and other health food. Upholding the core value of “providing products of first-class variety, quality and taste”, Yipin provides its global customers with “safe, worry-free, healthy and delicious” products.
In the anti-dumping action filed by the US against Chinese garlic providers in 2001, Yipin actively responded to the suit, and became China’s first enterprise enjoying the zero tariff rate applied to its garlic export to the US. In 2002, YIPIN occupied more than 30 percent of the US market of imported garlic with its exports of more than 4,000 tons. Later, YIPIN accelerates expanding its market share, and shifts its focus from exporting raw materials to exporting deeply-processed products, with the end-product markets in Europe and the US as its targeted exporting destinations. YIPIN attaches high importance to food quality, environmental protection and food hygiene. It has been certified by ISO22000 quality system, ISO14001 environmental protection system, IFS, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL, and social responsibility system. The deeply-processed garlic and ginger products have been registered at FDA in the US.
Nowadays, YIPIN has grown into a large integrated agricultural modern enterprise group, conducting its business in cultivation of improved strains, crop planting in bases, order-based purchasing, and storage under constant temperature, product development, processing and production, and domestic and international trade.It processes exports that can earn a net profit of 100 million US dollars each year. Its products are exported to many foreign countries, including the US, Britain, Canada, Japan,Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia,Australia, Southeast Asian countries, and the countries in the Middle East. YIPIN has also established long-term partnership with many large domestic and international well-known retailers and food enterprises. The products developed by YIPIN have been granted the title of “renowned agricultural products in Shandong Province”, including onion-flavored minced ginger,minced garlic, soya bean paste, chili minced-garlic paste. These products are very popular with domestic consumers.