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IPINCIO Become "The 6th National Chef Cooking Invitational " designated supplies

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During December 16-17th , 2021, The Huatang Business Leaders conference, "the 6th National Chef Cooking Invitational" was successfully held. The tournament was organized by the national restaurant association - China Cuisine Association joint cooking association in the Qingdao Economic&Technological Development co., LTD., Hua’tang Cloud Business Marketing Communication Co., LTD., China Association of cooking Chinese food Research and Development center, Qingdao Gaoshimen Consulting Management co., LTD., designed to carry forward the Chinese traditional food culture, to promote food and beverage market consumption upgrade, Strengthen the close connection between catering channels and condiments/ingredients suppliers.

It is worth paying attention to that, due to its outstanding quality, the "IPINCIO garlic paste" of Shandong Yipin Agro Group has become the 6th National Famous Chef cooking invitational designated supplies, more than 100 famous chefs from all over the country have praised for it , which had won the "Business Conference · Hua Zhu Award - annual best-selling single product" honorary title.

During the 6th National Chef Cooking Invitational Competition, IPINCIO garlic sauce as designated supplies for the competition, by the actual contact and use of elite chefs in the catering line, left a deep impression on them, and has been widely recognized, product loyalty in the catering channel greatly improved. Through the mouth propaganda between famous chefs, a taste of garlic sauce will accelerate the development of the national catering market, let’s expect together!


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