History and Development
In 1996, William Su founded the company Shandong Yipin Ago (Group) Co., Ltd. Started from business of processing, exporting fresh garlic, ginger, and other agro foodstuffs to global markets. He put forward and insist the management idea of agriculture-oriented and serve agriculture to achieve the goals of products with first-class brand, first-class variety, first-class quality, first-class taste.
In 2001, Yipin won garlic anti-dumping lawsuit and became the first company in China to get zero tariff for garlic export to USA. Since then, Yipin has covered more than 40% of the USA garlic import market.
In 2004, William Su led Yipin Group with forward-looking to make a positive strategy transformation from exporting fresh vegetables to deep production of canned garlic, ginger, etc.,focused on the expansion of Europe, USA and other terminal product markets for OEM, by now the oversea markets covering almost 40countries.
 In 2018, domestic market started with our own brand IPINCIO, and growing up with more than 5top sales products in local, almost on the shelves of hypermarkets and chain stores, covering almost 80% of China. Yipin has realized the dual driving both of foreign and domestic trade.
 In 2022, it was explored a mode of College-Enterprise Cooperation with Shandong Agricultural University and established research institutes, presently there are more than 60varieties of products innovated by R&D group and also including some recipes from buyers with confidential agreement. With this new mode, Yipin will research and launch more new products.

Yipin Food Introduces Taste of Inspirations Premium Product Line


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We have been certified with ISO22000, HACCP, BRC, IFS, OU KOSHER, HALAL, BSCI, WCA and with FDA registration.

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